Company Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to achieve excellent cost effective services for our customers while treating all people with integrity, dignity, and respect. It is our desire to constantly improve and add value for out customers. We believe in having a close relationship with our customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and to achieve productive synergy from these relationships. Serving people well is the cornerstone of our existence.

Our Values

We value being quality driven, responsive, flexible, comprehensive, cost effective, environmentally responsible, and safe in everything we do. This requires paying close attention to what our customers need and responding to these needs effectively over time to promote a long term relationship. Our specific core values that explained below are people, environment, integrating client cultures, transparency, and quality.


Facilities Services Partners believe a strong facilities program starts with people.  We offer competitive wages with family benefits and a matching 401k.  FSP employees are the key to the company’s success and we work hard to keep our employees happy with special events such as Friday lunches as well as performance bonuses.


Facilities programs have a significant impact on the environment.  Facility Services Partners works hard for our clients to minimize our impact on the environment.  We have overseen LEED gold buildings and programs and now use environmentally responsible chemicals and materials approved by the US Green Building council.  FSP also assists our clients in energy efficiency projects and will help our clients obtain rebates for projects in areas such as lighting, variable frequency drives and HVAC.

Integrating Client Culture

Facility Services Partners strives to integrate seamlessly with our clients.  We immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture and align our goals to best serve our clients.  Our goal is to make it seem as if our employees are part of the client organization and we work behind the scenes to add value wherever possible.


One of the main goals of Facilities Services partners is to be as transparent as possible and earn the trust of our customers.  We do this by providing clear customizable reports to our clients.  This is a value add service that we offer free of charge so that executives have a clear understanding of what is going on in their organization.  We also assist in capital planning so that our clients are informed about the state of their facility so they can plan for the future and allocate future capital efficiently.


Facility Services Partners emphasizes quality in all of the work that we do.  We implement strict quality programs based upon our clients’ needs.  FSP was one of 16 companies awarded the Challenger Award for quality in 2011 from the Malcolm Baldrige California Council of Excellence.  We also worked for our client Soka University to receive the Award for Excellence from the Association of  Facility Managers in Higher Education (APPA) in 2014 which is the highest award for a facility organization and FSP is the facilities department for Soka University.

Maintenance Safety
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Curious to learn more on your own? Here at Facility Service Partners, Inc. (FSP), we believe in helping California businesses and organizations operate more efficiently. Of course we can manage your facility program for you and save you money, but if you would like to try to do it on your own we will provide you with various facility maintenance topics that you may use as a resource in helping your run your own facility. Check out our Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center for more information.Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center
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