Mechanical and HVAC Services

HVAC Cooling Towers

Mechanical and HVAC Services

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are one of the largest expenses in running a facility.  Facility Services Partners offers our customers targeted plan to keep all HVAC systems running efficiently with as little down time as possible.  We keep maintenance technicians on site to immediately respond to any HVAC related issues.  Technicians perform preventative maintenance, breakdown repair, filter changes and respond to hot and cold calls or any client issues that may arise.  Offsite support is provided to help with automation controls, set-up of new HVAC systems and expansion of existing systems.


Reliability FM Program

For your HVAC and mechanical systems, we will develop for you a reliability centered facility maintenance (FM) program that optimizes the combination of preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance to maximize reliability and to reduce unnecessary cost. This plan is constantly updated to help us schedule and track maintenance work.


We will conduct scheduled inspections on your HVAC, and mechanical equipment including but not limited to, coils, compressors, motors, voltage and amp draws, refrigerant charge levels, condensate drains, oil levels, water levels, electrical relays and contactors, heat exchangers, refrigerant piping, bearings, belts and pulleys, and blowers.

Water Treatment Service

We will conduct visits to test, analyze and adjust water treatment as applicable. This service is to include the cost of chemicals sufficient to maintain levels within industry or manufacturer’s standards. This service includes calibrations and operational testing of existing treatment equipment.

Capital Improvement Plan

We will develop a capital improvement and replacement plan for your equipment. From this plan, we will be making recommendations relating to when equipment needs improvement or replacement.

HVAC Pressure Gauge

Coil Cleaning

We will apply environmentally and equipment safe cleaning agents when performing coil cleaning services and will rinse coils with pressured water to ensure efficiency and extend the life of the coils.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance will be conducted at appropriate predetermined frequencies including but not limited to providing the following services if necessary; bearing lubricants, motor lubricants, belt adjustments and replacements, fan blade and blower cleaning, condensate drain cleaning, refrigerant charge adjustments, coil cleaning, safety control adjustments, operating control adjustments, calibrations, oil analysis, and equipment cleaning.

Filter Service

We will replace filters at a frequency that reflect optimum operating conditions for each unit as well as best value for the University. Filter service will include; removal and proper disposal of all used filters, providing and delivering all new and replacement filters at predetermined frequencies, washing an filter where this procedure is applicable, and upgrading filter types and frequency of replacement as needed.


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Curious to learn more on your own? Here at Facility Service Partners, Inc. (FSP), we believe in helping California businesses and organizations operate more efficiently. Of course we can manage your facility program for you and save you money, but if you would like to try to do it on your own we will provide you with various facility maintenance topics that you may use as a resource in helping your run your own facility. Check out our Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center for more information.Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center