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Facility Services Partners, Inc. (FSP) is a Southern California corporation that provides full-time facility related services for clients including building maintenance, custodial services, mailroom operations, shipping, receiving, and administrative support services. The company is lead by the two Managing Partners (one focuses on operations and the other focuses on sales and corporate administration). The company’s major offices are located in Aliso Viejo, California.

Who Is FSP

Facility Services Partners Inc. was established in 2008 by two Managing Partners, Malcolm Thomas and Scott Collins.  These two executives have a long career providing outsourced facility management and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.  At that time, they wanted to start and design a company that was best in class.  In 2011, the company received the Malcolm Baldrige Award for Excellence “Challenger Award”, one of 16 organizations in California to receive such a distinction.  The company uses the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for excellence to operate its business.  In 2014, Soka University of America , FSP’s  largest client, received APPA’s (the Association for Leadership in Educational Facilities) Award for Excellence.  It is APPA’s highest institutional honor providing educational institutions credit for their outstanding achievement in facilities management.  FSP is the outsourced Facility Management Department at Soka University.  The company continually strives to achieve excellence for its customers and employees.  The company is always seeking clients to serve and provide excellent facility management and maintenance services for their organizations.

“The mission of FSP is to provide excellent and leading edge facility related services by establishing strong productive human relationships with its customers, employees, suppliers and services providers.”

Our purpose is to provide facility management, building and equipment maintenance, administrative support services, capital improvement, subcontract management, and related support services to public and private customers.

FSP provides full-time and “per call” facility management and maintenance for public and private organizations. Normal operations require full-time staff at the client sites managed by the FSP Managing Partners.

  • Believes that the best technology, procedures, and systems cannot work effectively unless there is a strong focus on the motivation, and caring for people.  This includes treating people with dignity, respect, concern, and fairness.
  • Has high expectations of its employees and will do everything we can to improve their value to FSP and themselves.
  • Will treat our suppliers and service providers as if they are customers and will reward them when the services they provide are exemplary.
  • Will always put ourselves into the shoes of our customers to thoroughly understand their position, needs, issues, problems, and concerns.  From this understanding, we will be in a position to make sure that we have done everything we can to anticipate, solve, and prevent problems and issues.
Curious to learn more on your own? Here at Facility Service Partners, Inc. (FSP), we believe in helping California businesses and organizations operate more efficiently. Of course we can manage your facility program for you and save you money, but if you would like to try to do it on your own we will provide you with various facility maintenance topics that you may use as a resource in helping your run your own facility. Check out our Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center for more information.Facility Management and Maintenance Knowledge Center

Meet the Partners

Mal Thomas
Mal ThomasManaging Partner
Malcolm Thomas (Mal) has 40 years experience relating to operations and maintenance and outsourced facilities management and maintenance,consulting, and procurement. He served in various executive capacities with major companies in the facilities outsourcing business including Managing Director at Fluor Corporation, CEO of Building Technology Engineers, Inc. (a company owned by EMCOR), Senior Vice President for Facilities at CB Richard Ellis, prior to co-founding Facility Services Partners, Inc. Before his facilities experience, he was a management consultant for 10 years for private and public organizations. Mal received his MBA from Florida State University and a BA in Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

Scott Collins
Scott CollinsManaging Partner
Scott Collins has 35 years experience relating to operations and maintenance and outsourced facilities management and maintenance.  He has served as a Director managing multiple outsourced operations and maintenance projects for the Fluor Corporation and EMCOR Facilities Management prior to his career as a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Facilities Services Partners, Inc.  His career also includes his role as a Sales Engineer/Energy Management Specialist for the Carrier Corporation and a Senior Project Manager for New Energy Ventures.  He is an expert with HVAC and mechanical systems and the management of comprehensive energy reduction projects.

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