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The FSP Method of Saving You Money

Facility Services Partners blends technical and analytical skills to keep your facility running as efficiently as possible.  We specialize in quality and effective allocation of resources.  There are a number of ways to reduce facility costs while also keeping building occupants satisfied.  Facilities Services Partners was created to save you time and resources that can be used to focus on your core business.

Average facility costs can vary widely based on a number of factors including building use.  Below is a list of the national average facility costs from APPA, which reports the average facility expenditures of its member colleges and universities.

FSP’s Average Client Facility Costs

Building Maintenance and Repair Cost Average per Sq.Ft.

  • (range $1.40-1.85)
  • Maintenance Materials
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Subcontractor Cost

Building and Facility Utilities Cost Average per Sq.Ft.

  • (range $1.90-2.40)
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water

Janitorial Building Facility Costs Average per Sq. Ft.

  • (range $1.25-1.55)
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Staff Wages
  • Equipment


How we Lower Your Building Maintenance Cost

Typically Building Maintenance Operations cost between $1.40-1.85 per square foot of building space. This cost includes the combination of wages, materials and subcontractor costs.

Balanced Staffing

Building Maintenance costs can be significantly lowered by the correct staffing and management of employees. Depending on the size and complexity of the facility significant savings can be found by hiring the correct number of staff with the right skills for the facility. Overtime and subcontractor costs are minimized by having the correct staff on site and specialized tasks are handled by specialty contractors.

Subcontractor Management

Subcontracting should only be used when something cannot be done using current staff. If is important to have multi-skilled technicians on staff in order to keep subcontracting to a minimum. Larger facilities typically have work forces with a wide range of skill sets and therefore should rely on subcontractors significantly less than smaller facilities. Subcontractors are used when there is a skill, capacity or safety issue that prevents on-site staff from fixing the problem. It is important to use competitive bidding to identify the subcontractor who can do a quality job for a low price. It is also very important to manage and maintain good relationships with subcontractors so that you have responsive people to respond quickly to issues and do quality work. In some instances you can use your own technicians to assist subcontractors to cut down on extra subcontractor labor charges.

How we Lower Your Utility Cost

The utility costs of running a facility are typically between $1.90-2.40 per square foot.  Utility costs include all of the electricity, natural gas, and water expenses.

Equipment and Lighting

Most facilities have equipment that can be replaced which results in significantly higher efficiency. Careful analysis of current equipment along with run-times and electricity rates can determine which areas will benefit significantly from new investment. Funding for new capital investment can often come from the local utility providers in the form of rebates, loans or the combination of both. Many utilities also offer some form of an on-bill financing program which is typically 0% interest loan with $0 down and the electricity savings from a new investment pays back the principal on the loan. This is a pain-free way to upgrade your facility without spending money. As soon as the equipment is paid for the owner will realize 100% of the electricity savings.


Many facility systems are not operationally scheduled properly which leads to inefficiency. Cooling, heating, motors and lighting all can benefit from proper scheduling. Lights do not need to be on when areas are not occupied, motors do not need to be on when things are not in use, and HVAC systems need to be optimized based on occupancy, temperature and time of day so that they efficiently keep the climate comfortable. There are many different devices available from occupancy sensors to computer software for running HVAC systems efficiently. It is important to set-up systems to run efficiently. It is also very important to have the technical expertise to make adjustments and decisions when conditions change.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency drives save energy by allowing fixed-speed motors to operate at a variable speed. Energy savings are especially effective in pumps and fans such as pool pumps and air handlers. These drives can significantly lower the usage of electricity and can also reduce maintenance and repair costs.

How we Lower Your Janitorial Cost

Typically Janitorial Operations cost between $1.25-1.55 per square foot of building space. This cost includes the combination of wages and materials.

Correct Staffing

The most common cause for inefficiency in janitorial services is improper staffing. Careful project setup is necessary to ensure proper time utilization and productivity. Staffing rationales are typically based on area, occupancy, time of use and space type. Staffing standards can be adopted based on the facility needs and task frequencies are adjusted based on available labor and resources. It is important for supervisors to monitor staff and move resources to where they are needed. Cost savings come from the proper allocation and use of resources which can significantly lower overtime costs and reduce staff if necessary.

Chemicals, Materials and Equipment

Chemicals, materials and equipment can be a major portion of a janitorial budget. It is important to have proper equipment to optimize labor. It is also very important to have the correct chemicals for the job and use chemical dilution systems to keep chemical costs to a minimum. Materials savings can be obtained by using the correct dispensers and using materials that are a good match for the facility.

FSP’s Full-Service Facility Maintenance Cost Saving Advantage

There are many different factors that determine the cost of running a facility.  Size, building use, occupancy, time of use, age, building composition and level of service all affect the cost of running a facility.  FSP has used its expertise to save clients money in buildings from 20,000 to 1,000,000 square feet.  We analyze each specific client to determine the best mix of labor and implement a customized plan designed to save significant money.  FSP clients have seen up to a 50% savings in facility cost expenditures while also improving occupant satisfaction.  Contact us for free advice on how you can improve your facilities.

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